Balancing school and sport

Posted on October 14, 2011

By: Paul Hong

The amount of dedication and time needed to perform well in a single sport is tremendous. However, imagine what it takes to perform in two sports?

Juniors Rachel Rosas, Samantha Flores, Arely Aguirre, and senior Christine Huynh participate in both volleyball and pep team.

A regular day for these girls can best be described as “busy.” On weekdays, Rosas heads to school before 7 a.m. for pep flag practice, then carries on through six classes, followed by volleyball practice after school. Along with volleyball games twice a week, Rosas must also attend weekly football games to cheer alongside other flag girls to motivate the team to win.

The biggest challenge in juggling volleyball and pep team is the time management. Because pep team practice is held in the morning and volleyball after school, there is little time to really do anything for Rosas. Along with the task of time management, there is much physical exertion that comes with it as well.

“People think that pep team is not a real sport, but in reality, it’s more physically demanding than it appears,” Rosas said.

Flores, on the other hand, has a strategic way of juggling her daily schedule.

“I sometimes try to finish my homework during school before games so I don’t have to worry about it after practice or games,” Flores said. If she doesn’t complete her homework during school, she tries to finish it at night until she “knocks out.”

Flores loves trying new things varying from sports, church affiliated activities, and anything else that interests her. Above all, she enjoys challenging herself with multiple activities.

“I am very appreciative that she makes time to attend church and spend quality time with family considering her schedule,” said grandmother Pearl Flores.

Flores also possesses the good qualities of a volleyball player when on the court.

“She could fill any position in a game,” coach Charles Min said.

Because of the activity and mobility that comes with volleyball and cheer, it wouldn’t be shocking that a player could be changed physically or emotionally.

Huynh was very shy even when she was a child, but joining volleyball and pep flags gave her the opportunity to break out of her shell.

“Pep flags changed me by embracing my feminine side,” Huynh said.

“All of them adjust well to their activities,” said pep coach Melanie Moreno. “It’s good to see students who take up multiple sports along with their academics because it shows how well rounded they are.”

As a third-year volleyball player but a first-year cheerleader, Aguirre has adjusted well to both sports. She tried out for volleyball with the influence of her older brother Juan, who convinced her that joining a sport would be a great learning experience.

“I will never regret joining the sports I participate in,” Aguirre said. “It’s part of my high school life and I’ll never forget the friendships and memories I have made and will make.”

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